Eisner, Susan
Address: 142 Church Street, #1D
Kings Park, NY
Short Business Description: I’m Susan Eisner, MPH, CASAC, President of my company Visionary Health Solutions. I’m a speaker on Wellness and Personal Development topics and provide CEUs to several professional groups. I’m also a Corporate as well as a Personal Coach.

Brochure & Topics List for Susan Eisner.

I run a speaking and coaching business. I’m a provider of CEUs to licensed social workers, certified case managers and addiction counselors (so far). NOTE: Regarding Social Workers, I give CEUs to them when I speak, and I ALSO NOW PROVIDE CEUs, under the umbrella of my organization, TO OTHER SPEAKERS who present to social workers but who themselves are not certified to provide CEUs.

I conduct Emotional and Physical Wellness and Self-Care seminars for medical and mental health professionals, and other professionals and laypersons. Topics include Mindfulness and Emotions, Stress and Self-Care Mastery, Using Mindfulness to Enhance the Aging Process, Compassionately Addressing Behavioral Health Issues in the Elderly, Counselor Wellness, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques, Advanced Guided Imagery Techniques, Communication Skills, Anger Management and more.

I present at and partner with many elder-care programs such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes/rehabs, hospital social work and case management departments, etc., and with I work with co-sponsors (attorneys, home care agencies, home care physicians, etc.) who support these programs. My audiences are often geriatric social workers and care/case managers.

In addition, as my topics are universal, I present to many other groups as well, including other professional groups, and to laypersons such as private caregivers and children of elderly parents. Topics for the latter include Self-Care for Caregivers and Communication Skills for Family Members.

I also do 1:1 coaching in the areas listed above, and for any typical personal and professional performance issues people have and need help with. I also work with “pairs” of people – couples, a parent and child, 2 colleagues, friends, etc., on communication and relationship building skills.

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Business Phone Number: 631-269-7048